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Monday, April 25, 2011

Tinolang isda

 In Cebuano dialect we call it Tinolang isda in Tagalog they call it Sinigang na isda. This one is what we call Salmon head. I bought three heads and asked the vendor to cut it half. This fish soup is really good and one of my favorite soup ever!
Salmon head
one onion cut in quarters
Kangkong  (water spinach or swamp cabbage)
salt and pepper to taste

That's it!


MommyJ said...

wow! mukang masarap at i'm sure nutritious yan! btw, hindi ba kayo naglalagay ng pampaasim like tamarind? dito sa bulacan, pag sinigang may pampaasim... pag tinola may luya!

Kim, USA said...

I forgot to post my Mama Sita seasoning ^_^ for sinigang, yes meron talaga di pwedeng walang paasim, yum!!

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