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Monday, April 18, 2011

Hubby birthday cake

I have post this to my other blog My Life's Journey in Focus , we surprised him yesterday a very early birthday party since next weekend people are leaving for Easter Sunday celebration to other states. We have fun and my hubby is also happy as  I see it. He knew partly that there is a get together for her post birthday party but he didn't knew that I invited his brother, sisters and their spouses, cousins and nephews and nieces and so on and so forth lol!!! Not everyone came but we had almost 40 people there. My hubby's family is huge and yesterday we planned for a big summer party and I am already excited about it.
I love the cake when I see to it.  I planned on buying another cake for him this Saturday because it's his birthday but I would order it I guess in DQ it's his favorite. ^_^

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