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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When I was growing up Lumpia is one of my mom's dish that she can cook very well. We had this wrapper in the Philippines that is so thin that because it's so thin sometimes we have to double it when we wrap the filling. My mom used ground pork and some vegetables and I couldn't forget how good it is.

The other day I recreate what my mom had cook for us. I used the spring roll wrapper that you could only buy in an oriental store. Then ground pork, I seasoned it. I sliced thinly the carrots, bean sprout, shredded thinly cabbage. I cooked first the meat until it gets brown then all the vegetables. Then I strained the juice and let it cool. When it's cool I then roll them with the spring roll wrapper. Fry it then voila my Lumpia done. Hubby likes it and I told her it's more nutritious than the usual spring roll because it has more vegetable in it. Try it!

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