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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dried adobo

I don't cooked this dish often. It's only when we buy a pork and it has lots of fat that's when I think frying it. In my hometown in the Philippines we call it "pinamalang adobo" or dried adobo. And with the pork belly and the skin I love it, lol! Forget the calories and everything but I do really indulge in this dish. The other day I made it  and boy it was so good lol!
                     Before I fry it I seasoned it with salt and garlic powder. When I put it in the pan I also put lots of chopped garlic. It smells good I tell yah!

                         Here it is the pork fat is almost gone because I fry it a bit longer and most of that is lean meat.


Lyndsey said...

It looks good! Thanks for sharing! :D

kimmy said...

i love adobo! favorite of several Filipinos..

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