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Friday, November 26, 2010

Outdoor lighting

Did anybody noticed that we have shorter day light and longer night now? I was teaching 3rd grade school kids for catechism at the church two weeks ago when I came out at 6:00pm it was too dark already. And I hate driving at night aside from that it's too traffic at that time of the day. That day when I came home I saw that our driveway is too dark. That's when I thought of what I wish two years ago. To put an outdoor post mount lighting fixtures along the driveway. I've seen beautiful pilaster lighting at some of my friends house and they are so gorgeous at night. Aside from that nobody would dare to come near to your house or lurk around because all around the house is well lighted.
I am the kind of person who is very particular of lighting outside and inside the house. I've been telling my hubby to put a post mount lights at the north part of our house because that part of our property is dark. And somehow I am not at ease in that area. He keep on postponing and telling me she is going to do it but until now nothing happen. Now that Fall is about to end and Winter is fast approaching a light should be put there so I feel safe.

1 comment:

kimmy said...

that's such a good idea..

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