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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pinoy chitchiria

Was at Fuji market the other day and bought some chitchirya. I missed all the Filipino goodies more so the chips and chocolate. I was looking for choc-nut but they don't have it so I bought the goya chocolate. So funny that we have all the best chocolates here but I like more the ricoa chocolate and choc-nut. Here's what I've got!
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Anna Patricia said...


Belle said...

Ang dami... Mukhang it's enjoyable kainin esp the chichiria. Thank you for linking again Manang Kim. Belle

Perfectly Blended said...

Lalong masarap yan pag may coke! :)

imriz said...

it's good to know u still haven't forgotten pinoy foodies...i can see the alamang (sarap nyan with kamatis), the ligo sardinas, and the kornik (ala ba boy bawang jan, hehe).
i've heard in some balikbayans too, they like the CHOCO MANI here.

have a lovely weekend.

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