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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Five star mortgages

I remember when I first came here in the US, I don't want to used the plastic card to purchase anything. I was used in the Philippines to used cash. Because in the Philippines if you don't have credit you are more likey to be given a credit. While here in the US you have to have a good standing credit to purchase anything. It's their way of gauging you if you are a good payer or not. But since the economy collapse many people lose their good credit. Like for us, we tried to eliminate our credit cards one by one and then we choose to pay on cash. It's better that way for me so I could monitor what's our expenses and such. But in buying homes, specially now that there are many homes available in a very low price, we need to have a good credit record. And I think there are many people out there who maintain their credit record. One of my DH grand daughter just recently bought a house and we found out that she had a very good credit record. That's why she was able to get a mortgage in Five star home mortgages. They provide and very low rate and they are there for you willing to take all your questions. And for a first time home owners it's just right to ask a lot of question before making an important decision.

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