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Saturday, September 4, 2010


 I made this the other day. And hubby loves it. I used the Mama Sita Afritada mix. I first fry the potatoes, let the chicken brown to get rid of the blood then  follow the instruction and that's it, good food!
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kimmy said...

wow! i love afritada! but i can't understand why i can't cook it right, lol!

Belle said...

Hello Manang Kim. Welcome back! Sarap ng come back entry mo. :-) have a nice day!

imriz said...

hi, manang kim, good post here. haven't tried chicken afritada in a while, hmmmmm

Rossel said...

sarap naman ng afritada mo ate kim. mabuti at may nabibili din palang mama sita's dyan. i am using that brand too.

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