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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tea Talk

I'm having............Guyabano/Sour sop/Graviola juice. A friend of DH told him that Graviola in capsule form is good for cancer. I know I heard this word and so I Google it. So I found out that the other name of this is Guyabano fruit which is a common fruit in the Philippines. So since we can't find a Graviola fruit here I asked him to have a trip to a Mexican store and their we find Guyabano juice in can. It taste the same with the real fruit and I love it. The leaves of this trip is the one that we make a tea in the Philippines ^_^

My cup is .........also from my MIL it's very vintage and this is also the one left from her China cabinet.

I am feeling ........ anxious this morning. As I was waiting for my niece to come online anxious to what she is going to tell me after she told me yesterday that she is not feeling well. When she got online she told me the Doctor told her that she had meningo occemia. I Google it immediately and found out it's not good. My head immediately get achy and I just keep my calm and asked my niece what's the Doctor advice. Oh my good Lord Jesus please heal my niece!!

On my mind.... and my thoughts God is with us. I should not lost faith in God's healing power. I also pray for the Doctors enlightenment that she will be guided in everything she do. And I praise God all the time for HIS unending blessing and love to us. ^_^

                     Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness.                                                                    Mother Teresa 


Katia said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I love Graviola juice! A├žai juice is also very good for cancer. It's the most used juice when combating cancer, in Brazil.

Umma said...

Never tried the Graviola Juice Manang Kim.. hmm.. will try that one as I love drinking tea too :)

Btw, I hope your niece is okay.. have faith in Him..

Nkamuot diay ko sa imong malunggay hahahaha.. palangga jud intawon.. I havent seen this one here.. I like to have one too kay gusto sad nako ang malunggay. But I can only buy here the frozen one.

xinex said...

Manang Kim, the guyabano juice looks so delicious, haven't drank that for decades. Your tea cup is stunning!...Christine

Ruth said...

Hello Manang Kim,

Thank you for joining again this week. I was here on Thursday but wasn't able to leave a note.

Your teacup is very pretty. Your guyabano juice must be yummy.

Hope everything is well with you.

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