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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ticket America

Just came from garage sale-ing and I find beautiful stuff that I can't wait to share to my friends here in blogosphere. Been garage sale-ing for quite some time now and I could say I knew how to find things already. Well, first off you should knew how to find cheap items and you knew what stuff you will buy. It's not because you think it's cheap then you have to buy it immediately. Look around and ultimately you find the right stuff and even more surprisingly it's way cheap than what you expect.
Just like when you buy tickets for this seasons NBA game. Everybody is scrambling to look for tickets like the Detroit Pistons tickets, San Antonio Spurs  tickets, New Jersey Nets tickets and Boston Celtics tickets online and if they knew how to find it and they are early to get their tickets they could buy a good deal. One thing in purchasing early is that you could choose the right seat for you, your family and friends. And also you still have a ticket to buy. Sometimes my family waited for the last minute deal and of course we ended up not having a ticket anymore it's sold out!!  In watching sports I like it to be close to where the action takes place lol. I like the feeling of up close and personal specially if the team I am watching is my favorite one like the Pistons! ^_^

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