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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My favorite

One of my favorite restaurant is Red Lobster. I think because I love seafood and they have a huge selection of delectable food. This picture was taken few years ago while vacationing in Petosky, Michigan. For me eating seafood is home away from home. Because in the Philippines where almost all the place were surrounded with sea water and we have fresh fish, shells, shrimps, crabs, sea weeds etc, is an every day dish. And so when I got here in the US I was shocked there is no fresh sea water fish. That is why hubby brought me to almost all the seafood restaurant and I am thankful of him I don't have to crave. ^_^


Serline said...

Mine is Legal Seafood in Boston. Only ate there twice during a trip to DC and New England many years ago, but the memories linger...

Manang Kim said...

Hi Serline haven't been to Boston but I bet any seafood restaurant is so inticing ^_^

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