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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fuji Restaurant

This is one of the restaurant here in Michigan that I do like to go. They have all the sushi's and sashimi's that you want. And what I most like to eat there are the shrimp tempura and the different dishes of fish. As Asian coming from the Philippines I can't live without eating fish and rice hahaha. That is why hubby knew now how to cook rice, well of course from my tiny rice cooker. But talking back about this restaurant they have several choices that you don't know where to begin lol! Though it is a bit pricey for lunch date ($15.00) but I guess it is worth it. 


Me said...

parang nasa japan ang itsura nang restu....

oo ako rin manang kim kailangan ko talaga rice and seafoods if I vould everyday but hindi pwede kasi yong mga anak koy nag-hahanap nang iba...hehehe

have a nice weekend manang Kim

simply kim said...

wow! pricey indeed!

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