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Monday, March 1, 2010

See clear?

Yesterday, I had a terrible headache. It doesn't often all the time I don't get sick often but if I have that kind of headache I knew it is about my eyes.  I have a hard time with my old  eyeglasses of mine. I think it isn't compatible with my eyes now. I complained it to hubby and my DH who is as understanding as ever told me that we are going to the doctor today. But, I reminded him what happened the last time we had an eye checked up, of course the doctor checked us up, the result was fine but in terms of the quality of the eyeglasses he gave us it was very cheap. But then when the bills came I was so shocked my eyes got so big I couldn't believe it. Thankfully, because I always browse here in blogosphere I found very good looking and dependable eyeglasses.I didn't hesitate to asked some friends about it and they said it is very beautiful and affordable.

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kimmy said...

yes, a dependable pair of eyeglasses is really something.. anyway, you may want to visit my newly created site, you're very welcome to drop by, thanks!

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