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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A good book to read

Do you like books or do you like to read anything? Me I love to read before the internet come to reality, and surfing the internet looking for something read is just a click away book is my companion anywhere I go. That is why every time spring and summer comes I like to go to garage sale, yard sale or estate sale because often time I found books that I was looking for. My favorite books are suspense thriller, a little of romance novel or inspirational book. But little did I know that we also need to read medical books, of course not the literal meaning of medical but those books that are written by people who experienced some kind of illnesses and survive it. I sometimes find it very inspirational and at the same time a guide to what to look for in case you've got some discomfort in your body.
Like Mesothelioma cancer, I didn't know nothing of these kind of cancer for all I knew there are plenty of kinds of cancer. I only happened to learned this kind of cancer when I happened to watched it on tv. The one kind of cancer that stuck  in my mind is the lung cancer because my step-daughter died with it. And watching her day by day how agonizing for her to breath and even sip a water is too painful. So I thought that if cancer a like  Mesothelioma is like any other cancer then we have to know what are the causes and how to prevent it.  I also think that if we educate ourselves by reading and just know what is going around us, what we eat and how to keep ourself healthy then I guess we can be healthy and happy as well. 

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