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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Direct TV

Yesterday, I was sorting our bills (again), well you know every month we got bills ^_^. And I was surprised about our cable bill. I don't like what I read for me it isn't right to pay  an expensive amount every month for just a cable??? In this kind of economy it is not right to squander money just for entertainment. Well, many might disagree with me but this is me I pay the bill and I had to do something else to lower the bill. 
Last night, I was browsing some of the papers that come out from the mail and I found DIRECT TV offers. I read and studied it I was kind of agreeing to the rate. As I read further they give DIRECT TV specials and it doesn't have any extra payment to it. To further knew how it goes and if it does really do work I called my step-daughter and asked her about how  much they pay every month. Well all my hard work paid off everything that I talked to had it and they gave me a rate of 10.  My other step-son called me after he knew that I was trying to know about DIRECTV Specials, he too was surprised about how much he paid for cable tv alone! So he too was looking for DIRECTTV Specials  and when he talked somebody he knew he had to change his cable connection. He never regretted it for the fact that he already had a cheaper monthly bills at the same time he enjoyed all the shows too. Now hubby and I are talking about it and I can't wait to see my next bill cheaper as I like it to be.

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