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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buying First Home

I couldn't believe how many baby showers and bridal showers I would attend this year. This coming Sunday I am going to attend the second bridal shower that I have to attend to and this time will be the fiancee of my step-son. They have been living together for quite sometime now and they are only renting an apartment.  Last night, they visited us and they are talking about buying first home  since they've been together. They knew that there are priveleges for first time buyers and they wanted to avail with that. My DH daughter in law is working as a Realtor and she explained to them what they could and would avail to. They are so excited to have their own house they already had something in their mind, but DH told them that they had to see the inside of the house before they gonna decide. We knew they could find a good deal as the trend of housing economy is still fluctuating and with what they could avail we knew they are on the right track.

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kimmy said...

they really have to look inside and have a 'feel' of it. if they feel, somehow, comfortable, then they didn't find a house, it found them, hehehe

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