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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trade shows..

Spring is fast approaching and  yesterday was Groundhog day and it says that we still have six winter weeks to enjoy ^_^. I thought I am going to start packing away my winter clothes but it looks like it's not that too soon yet. In times like this when winter weather hits most of the states here in US business should never  stop, indoor trade shows should be encourage and  should be welcome by everybody. Last month we went to a trade show and I am amaze by how each trade show booths are being displayed or designed.
Each booths had their own personalized table skirts, banner stands, pipe and drape etc. And what stunned me because they can do it just what they wanted to be in conduit to what there products is all about how cool is that. Hubby and I were wondering around admiring all the products and stuff that are displayed in those colorful booths, just so lovely the booths speaks to itself already. I remember when I was in college we have this activity in school and we are given booth to display our stuff, we don't have anything to cover our table ^_^ I remember I think we cover it with some kind of cloth just so under the table we can put down our personal belongings or some of our stuff to sell. Now a days everything is provided by it is just up to those people where and how to get it.

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