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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wildblue internet

When I was young I dream of living in a country side because I was  born and raised in the city. In other words I am a city girl through all my life until I meet my DH. The time when we started chatting online he was not familiar of what is fast internet or slow internet means. He only thought that an internet is an internet, so I asked him if his internet connection is fast and he told it is because his is wildblue internet and he never had any complain about the service.
You see he and his family lives in the country side of Michigan and when he told me that I was so ecstatic because I guess I think this is the answer of my prayer. All his life he loves in the country side he works in the city but he comes home everyday to his house in the country side. I told him that we are so opposite because I am a city girl and he is a country boy and I just hope that I don't get bored when I get there. I was not wrong I love the country life. The air is fresh. Every morning I could hear the chirping of the birds and it is just so quite and so peaceful. And in spring and summer which is my favorite that is when we have our huge garden. By Fall we will harvest the fruit of our labor and enjoy it through winter.
But living in the country side doesn't make me feel that I am away from the new technology, thanks to wildblue internet  I could still communicate my family back in the Philippines any time I want.

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