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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yummy Sunday: Sinigang na isda in Cebuano Tinola

So it is yummy Sunday again...whew time goes so fast we could hardly take a breath haha!! My dish for this Yummy Sunday is my Sinigang na isda or in Cebuano Tinola! Remember last week we  just celebrated Thanksgiving day here in US and the food is overflowing as well as the left over. After eating left over turkey for three days I was craving for fish. Fortunately, I have fish in store at the freezer in case my being a fish eater in me kicked in. Aside from having fish in the freezer ready to be cook I also have malungay or kamungay ready to harvest. So that's why I got the idea of making tinola because my malungay sprouted plenty of green leaves. So here is my picture taken the other day. Enjoy and Happy weekend everyone.

See my malungay, it is very fresh. Back in the Philippines didn't imagine myself that I would put a malungay tree in a pot and treat it like a baby. Because in winter time I have to bring it inside and in summer put it outside to get more sun. And beside I don't want my malungay to die I bought this $25 and it was very tiny at that time I bought it. And by the way, I talked to my malungay too that she will sprout more leaves so she did my hubby can't believe it hehehe!!


Perfectly Blended said...

Looks like you have a yummy healthy meal in there Kim. Thanks for sharing.

Congrats for being the first to leave a comment. LOL!

Happy Sunday.

Me said...

that´s really delicious!

I missed malungay lami kaayo na sa tinula nag-laway ko ini...can you send a frozen to me please...hehehehe!

Have a lovely sunday
Greetings from Sweden

Jane said...

Looks very nice, what does the herb taste like?

My Hand-Made Crystals said...

That's a delicious food. We love eating sinigang and tinola too with my family

Kero said...

i am a huge fishy fan too! when we eat out, i always ask if they have salmon on ala carte.

my entry is here

Mom of Four said...

Wahhh! walang ganyang isda dito, 5 months na ako di nakakakain ng bangus..puro pritong tilapia lang, huwahhhhhhhh! Gusto ko ng paksiw.

Jay - agent112778 said...

i miss cebuanos' tinola lami kaayo but sadly i cant get that "visayan" taste everytime i cook it :(

my entry is here

have a Great YUMMY Sunday for us:)

Thanx for the Visit :)

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