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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thirfty Thursday: Plates

One of my favorite meme is here  again and this is Thrifty Thursday! Before Thanksgiving day, I went to our thrift store here and looked for  something nice for thanksgiving day. I remember I don't have a big plate of turkey after they are cut into pieces so I looked around and found this one... this is huge and the gold plated on the edges is still good looking. At the back it says Bavaria made is East Germany now I guess this one is a keeper ^_^ I bought this for $2.99...

As I was carrying the plate above wondering around the place and looking the shelves this little cutie caught my eyes....when I saw this cutie an idea came to my mind..this is good to put my dessert hmmm so I bought it for another $2.99..oh by the way anybody knew what is the name of this cutie?

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1 comment:

Mom of Four said...

I love that 2 tier platter mo, need ko na rin siguro punta sa thrift store ah..

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