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Monday, November 23, 2009

An achievement!!

Few more days would be Thanksgiving day and after that it would be Black Friday. Hubby and I already bought our big bird a 10 pounder but some of the ingredients for some dish that I will cook is not yet bought. I also haven't finalize my menu yet but hubby suggested that last years dish was really good but I like to have variations. We are using prepaid mastercard . So I am searching for more recipe that for me looks like easy to cook and for one thing it should be delicious.
Last, Saturday me and my friends went to the mall to do some shopping. The mall is already getting packed of people sometimes just by looking at the long line makes you frustrated because it takes time and you still want to to go another store but you can not. Too short a time too many stuff to look at ^_^. Anyhow, I like to bring cash when shopping specially going to the mall it is easy to pay for the stuff you purchase and no more signing or asking for telephone numbers and worst some ask your last 4 numbers of your social security?? Hmm, when I happened to be ask that, I feel so uncomfortable who knows who is listening right? In this time you don't know who is lurking around trying to find someone to be a victim of identity theft. I was behind in line with my friend and we are discussing about shopping if we brought us cash or any kind of card. My friend told us that she is using Prepaid debit card and his husband use prepaid credit card. I asked here if that is the same website that we could the Prepaid mastercard and she says YES!!
Well for her who really do love shopping she like the services this prepaid debit card do to her. She feels safe because she didn't bring cash and she can monitor her spending which is for me the most important to do in shopping monitoring how much we spend. So this other friend of mine asked us what is that and we suggested to her to go look at prepaid debit card website because she could find anything that answers her question. Actually it is easy to get prepaid debit card or prepaid credit card it is like counting 1, 2 and 3 and voila you are safe when you are shopping online or at stores and the bonus part is you don't over spend  this holiday season. So visit the prepaid mastercard and enjoy your holiday season!!

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Ralph said...

The memories are what makes the shine on these rings. The relationship with your mother is so special, you don't think about wearing the ring so much as gazing at it and remembering the wonderful times you and mom shared. The gems are beautiful, the memory priceless!

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