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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Puto maya and sikwati

One morning I woke up my nieces and nephew to go with me at the market. They are so willing to come with me because they have a vested eat puto maya and sikwati after I am done with my buying spree. Although, the puto maya in the market is not as good as my mama's puto maya but at least it appeases my craving for Filipino delicacies. The second one is "sikwati" I don't know what is the name of this drink in another regions but here in my hometown we call it sikwati it is made from pure cocoa or cacao. Puto maya is made from the glutenous rice, some cook it with coconut milk, a little slice of ginger and salt while others cook it with water, ginger and salt too. While the sikwait is made from pure cacao, they crunch the cacao and mix it to the boiling water. While boiling continue to stir until it is mixed well and with out lumps. Here are some of the pictures.


Faye said...

i really miss this.
here in holland i can buy the glutinous rice. i know how to cook puto maya but the sikwati (hot chocolate) i can't buy it here. we have here diff. kinds of cacao powder but it tastes different from the tableya, we have in the phils.

Manang Kim said...

hello faye, oo deperensya kasi ang tableya sa atin kesa sa cacao powder nila abroad. dito din sa pinas may mga pure tableya meron ding may halo na kaya mas maganda pag bumili nang tablya eh kilala natin.

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