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Friday, May 1, 2009

Nangka or Langka

One of the fruits that I truly love and missed is the Langka or in Cebuano nangka. Back in the Philppines everytime I go marketing I always ended up buying ripe nangka at the fruit section. Before, the whole nangka is cut in what ever proportion they like and sold it depending on how big the cut of nangka is. Now they sold it per kilo. Some nangka is not too sweet I guess because they plucked it from the tree while the fruit is still young. But if they plucked it at the right time jeez the nangka is so sweet and smells so inviting hehe. Well that is actually how to recognize a good and sweet nangka by the smell itself.

Right now I am craving for the fresh nangka. I have one can of preserve nangka here that I bought from the Filipino store I guess this does do good to my craving.


Jenny0323 said...

Yummy Langka! They're my favorite too.

Weng Forsgren said...

hmm I never seen langka dri sa sweden. How I wish nga naa pod kay sus paliton jud nko dayon.
kalami ana oi.

Umma said...

Manang Kim, langka is one of my favorite too.. but I just content myself sa can na lang kay wa man na sia diri gud.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Mommy Umz, same here sa can nalang talaga tayo. I do missed the real one hayyyyy!

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