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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beef ribs caldereta

I made this dish last Monday. The beef ribs has a thick meat and a little of fat. So I boiled it first and tenderized it well.  I sautee the onion and garlic on a little oil. Put the ribs (without the beef ribs stock) into the sauteed garlic and onions then mixed it well. Put the pineapple chunk then put a little beef stock into the mixed ribs and pineapple chunk. Put a tomato sauce just enough for your taste and then the pork and beans. You can add salt or pepper according to your taste.  Happy eating!!


ROSSEL said...

nagluluto ako ng beef ribs caldereta but without pork and beans. this looks good and for sure tastes good too. i should try this.

Manang Kim said...

...ross another twist sa recipe hehe, medyo matamis ang pork and beans baka gustuhin nang mga bata.

Umma said...

Nag luto sad me ug back ribs this week Manang Kim hahaha palagpat ra gud ang recipe.. but it turned out na ganado man si banana makaon hahaha

Manang Kim said...

Naku Mommy Umz,basta alam nila na tayo ang nagluto gaganahan yan sila kasi may TLC (tender loving care).

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