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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paksiw na pugapo

I am craving for paksiw na pugapo. And this picture appease (at least) my craving poor me.

I took this picture when I was in PI last year. Fortunately, here in MI we don't have fresh fish like this one "pugapo". But here is the ingredients on how I cooked my paksiw.

fresh or frozen fish (bangus)

vinegar (not to much because it overpowers all the ingredients taste)





red pepper (optional)

olive oil (just a little pagkumukulo na ang vinegar)

~~~ in Pinas I always use a clay pot. here I use pyrex to cook paksiw not a stainless steel. Tinatantiya ko lang ang lasa at kung how much ang ilagay ko na ingredients it depends kung how many fish you want to cook.


Umma said...

Manang Kim, kahibao ka ba mag luto ug paksiw, paki post naman ang recipe pls.. Im craving for this too.. waahh.. nganong tanan na lang gina crave nato?

Manang Kim said...

hehe na ako gani pod maglaway gyud ko tanaw sa ako ra pod nga mga pics.

Clarissa said...

huhuhuhuuu!!My family don't eat fish!!(T_T)but I'm craving for them!!

Weng Forsgren said...

sus kalami pod ana nga paksiw oi. one of my favorite.
kalam ba sa mg gpangpost nimo dri oi, maglaway man sad ta hehe

Mom of Four said...

Manang Kim, bili rin ako mamaya ng bangus, i paksiw ko..hehehe

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