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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is my menu?

Okey guys and gals it is time to update before Thanksgiving day. This is my fifth year to spend Thanksgiving day with my LH (lovinghusband) and this time he is so determine to host the family Thanksgiving party. For the past few years since I get here we only went to his daughters house and spend the Thanksgiving with them. This time he is so eager and excited to host and as a sweet and loving wife (lol) I nod with approval. So a week before we already went to Sams to purchase our first turkey hehe it weights 18lbs and very heavy. But right now the bird is almost thawed out for tomorrows baking. Today, we went to Sams and Meijers and the other day at Wal-mart to get some ingredients. For now, I already feel the Thanksgiving bug lol. Here is our Thanksgiving menu.
1. Turkey with sausage corn bread stuffing
2. Thanksgiving gravy
3. Bean Casserole
4. Mashed potato
5. Deviled eggs
6. Scalloped broccoli
7. Spring rolls (lumpia)
8. Pancit
9. Pumpkin pie
10. Pecan pie
11. Apple pie
12. Yams with marshmallows
13. Menudo
14. cheddar mini-quiche may think that I am going to cook or bake all those good food. For the pies we bought it in our neighbors apple orchard ordered it the day before and picked it up today. The spring rolls did the rolling the other day tomorrow will just deep fry it in my deep fryer. The cheddar mini-quice I baked it yesterday. The pancit and menudo slices the meat already so it will be very easy for me to just mix and stir. So I guess I am ready for tomorrow. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!

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