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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


     I will be going to the Philippines this March and I cannot wait to see my family there. I am thankful that my hubby allow me to visit them every year he said I need to see them too. Aside from chatting and texting, them through internet hubby said it is also nice to see them every year. The last time I see them was last May and I could not believe how my nieces and nephew grow up. They are as tall as I am and they are still not in their teen. In the Philippines if you go around town or other cities you can see logos everywhere. For me logos make your place known and your products as well. To Buy Logos here in the internet is easy now days. Many sites can do it and if you know what you like you can find one that is best for the purpose. I remember when my stepson was looking for a logo to his new product he went to look at it in the internet and fortunately, he found it. The other week I saw the logo that he bought and I love how it looks the color is amazingly blend nicely. Therefore, if you have a hard time making logos go buy one. 

1 comment:

joy said...

nice trip kabayan. ako din by march uuwi. enjoy your stay there too:)

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