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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Be Happy

     Here in Michigan all the restaurants and other public area are smoke free. I remember the first time I came here in the US I was surprise because the other part of the restaurant is smoke free and the other half is not. I do not get the logic of it because if it is an enclose area the smoke won’t come out and so those people who are in the smoke free area could still inhale the smoke. I told hubby about my concern because I am allergy to cigarette smoke. He did not know about it so one time when we were at this restaurant and there is a bar I immediately feel my eyes get watery. Then I started to cough I feel I am choke hubby ask me what happen and I told him about my concern. So we went home and that is when I told him about my allergy. From that time on we do not go out more often he is scared I might get sick again. So when the law passed here in Michigan about no smoking zone in all public places I was happy. We get to go to the restaurant now and other place. It was last year when I read about e cigarette reviews I never known of such thing until I read it here in the internet. I immediately told my step daughter about it and she is willing to try. I think e cigarette is the answer of all the people who cannot stop smoking and I feel great knowing that at least they are not deprive of what they like to do so everyone is happy about it.

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