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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tinolang isda

Last week the weather here was so depressing. It was not snowing yet but it was raining the whole 3 days, though I like rain but sometimes you got depressed when the weather is like that and it was really cold I thought it is already winter.

Anyway, because of the gloomy rainy days last week I hate to eat a lot of meat. I don't know but I guess my Filipina blood in me kicked in, in time like this. I remember when I was growing up everytime it  is raining or a little bit cold, my mama used to make lugaw for us and also our lunch should be always fish soup with good fish on it of course with malungay and other vegetables.

So last week I made tinolang isda, thankfully I still have some fish left in the freezer and two packs of frozen malungay. I immediately cooked it with lemon grass, ginger and chinese cabbage and voila it came up really good here is the picture.


FaYe said...

kim, diin man ka ug frozen malunggay? imo pa dala sa pinas? unsa man taste sa frozen, ok ra ba?

Kim, USA said...

Hello Faye, dire sa mga filipino ug asian store nako na palit. Yes ok ra biya pod ang lami mura ra pod ug sa ato. Ang naka deperensya ang presyo kay sa ato naa ra sa tugkaran nato or sa tugkaran sa atong silingan dayon mangayo lang man ta, compare dire nga hapit mo $3 or $2 ang usa ka pack. Naa koy tanom Faye kamungay intawon gamay pa kaayo ang dahon ug ting summer ipagawas ug ting winter ipasulod sa balay mura ug baby atimanon ug ayo hehe.

Dhemz said...

woi te, kalami ani woi...asa man ka kapalit ug kamunggay te? hehehe...g mingaw nako aning kamunggay da....wala man ko ka kita dire!

Unknown said...

Hello Faye look here one time.

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