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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Old Building

                         I do not know about your area but here in Michigan in my neck of woods it is still cold and we even have flurries and rain today. I already like to go out and take photos but seems I cannot yet. I took this photo last year when we go up north.

                             As you can see it here the barn has a signage and says 1902 old barn

                                                                 An Old School building 1883

These was taken last year. Hubby and I went to Huckleberry Village here in MI. At first I did not know what to expect but when we were there it was really pretty there. Genesee County people took time, money and effort to gather all old buildings in there area. They put all old buildings that they can find in one village which is now called Huckleberry Village. How they rebuild the houses and building is beyond me but I am thankful that we have something to look at and that is so nice.

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Suburban Girl said...

That is a great idea so the buildings are not lost.

Kerry said...

That school is in great condition. Bravo for that!

I can't ever get enough of looking at old red barns. Thanks.

Jama said...

I'm so glad the building is preserved, such a beautiful and historic building.

Unknown said...

great examples for this theme. I love old school houses and barns.

Ruth Kelly said...

That school building looks like it is in remarkable shape. Isn't funny how back then, that was a large school and then look at today where our schools are so much larger.

Pauline said...

What a great idea to conserve the old buildings in one place like that! I love the first shot of the red barn with the tree shadows. It is remarkably well preserved.

Barb said...

I like that you didn't let the weather phase you. You just sidestepped the issue and posted an interesting blog.

GingerV said...

kim, lovely old barn and school house. Adrian (michigan) also has an old school house that has been preserved, but it is wood frame. a brick building is really indicative of the wealth of the area when it was built.

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