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Saturday, December 22, 2012

PHP Code

     The first time I learn about computer was when I was in college and that was twenty-seven years ago. I could not believe it is been twenty-seven years ago since I graduated college time flies so quickly. I still can remember my computer class there was three or four students in one computer and those computers are so huge. I thought at that time how can I learn if we have to divide the hour we are there, of course, I cannot concentrate. Fast forward, I again had the chance to tinker around computer in 2001. That time internet is available in our hometown. I even meet my husband in the internet the kind of invention in this generation that I so like the internet. Now we see everyone having computers and internet in there own house and phones had internet too. However, one thing for sure I still very impress of the things that is going on in the internet. I have been blogging for quite sometime but that is all. I do not know about programming or other high technology that is going on. The other day I had a good chat with a friend and he is good in computers. I asked him so many things because there are things that I still do not understand. I told him about my experience the other day as I was browsing the internet I came a word Sell PHP Code. He explains to me many things and uses about it and I understand some of it thanks to a good friend. Oftentimes we need a friend to make us understand some things. In this generation when everything goes by so quick it is hard to grasp how everything goes. The other day I was in the library and saw some very good books, I think I have to go back there and borrow some of those books. It is all about programming and names that only computer geeks could understand I think it is time to learn more about computer. 

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joy said...

Have a lit to learnvtoo about computers. Merry Christmas Kim. Thanks for dropping by:)

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