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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adobong Pusit

I remember growing up every morning we heard this fish vendor holler selling her/his fish or squid what ever fresh seafood they got on that day. One of my favorite food my mother likes to cook in the morning is adobong pusit. My mother always told us to eat plenty in breakfast so we don't get hungry easy. And with a little day allowance we had to eat breakfast. The other day I was craving for it I look at my freezer and found frozen squid I immediately cooked it and here it is!

I prepare the oil let it heat up then I mix the onions then garlic. After the spices are translucent I put the squid seasoned it and let it simmer for a while. At first I cover it, it will create a lot of sauce then I adjust the heat and uncover. I let the sauce thickens and this adobong pusit is done! With hot rice gush these is yummy!

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