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Friday, December 28, 2012

Michael Masterson

     Time flies so quickly we are almost at the end of 2012. Many people that I know of are thinking of changing their career next year. For the past years, I knew many people who are lay off. Some did get a job but sad to say it is not the field they wanted but because it is hard to find a job, they had to stick to it and enjoy the ride. 
     The other day I talk to a relative and she herself was lay off from her job and she is the one who told me that she is going to change her career next year. She is thinking of going to school again but the thought of getting a student loan and pay for it shun her from doing it right away. I told her about Michael Masterson who has a powerful five step writing formula by learning how to copy write, travel writing, resume writing, and learn to write sales letters too. I remember when I was thinking of applying, I had a problem on how to make a precise resume. I have been out of work for years and I could not remember how to make a great resume more so make it precise and direct as what companies want it to be. Knowing to have a relative who is thinking to get this kind of career is exciting. I do hope she is going to pursue this dream because it will do her good as well us her relatives. I found out today that she is sad of her job, which I myself understand it well. When I was working before after few days of working I know the job is not for me. When it hit you that you are stuck to that job it makes you sad and you do not feel rejuvenated each time you go to work.  I hope this career will make her happy.

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