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Friday, December 28, 2012

Deal Dash

Deal Dash is one of the amazing sites I discover just recently. Before Christmas, hubby and I had a hard time getting the stuff we wanted to get at the store. We tried several times to visit the store but in all our attempts, we do not come out victorious. The stuff that I so like am for hubby and I desperately want it for him on Christmas Eve unfortunately I could not find it in any store. Until I talk to a relative and told me about Deal Dash. She told me about the mechanics because I ask here many questions about the site but she told me visit the website as soon as I get home. Moreover, I did immediately check the website and to my amazement the thing that I wanted was there, the problem is how to get it. So I read the website work, what is the catch and I did see all the winners that they feature in there site too. After checking on it, I decided to be a member of Deal Dash once there I read more and learn to make a bid. Every bid cost sixty cents and must purchased prior to bidding and if you don’t win you can get all your bids back very cool huh!

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