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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

See You On Valentines Day

There is a saying that on hearts day we have to see each other eye to eye because if you lose somebody would snatch your lover. I have a good time with these saying when I was in college. Every Valentines day the student school group would held an event. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend in order not to be snatch by somebody you have to buy a ribbon by that it means you can't go to the sheriff to summon that certain person. To those who doesn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend just crushes this is the time where you can sent your crush to jail and you will bail him or her. Then for an hour it depends on how much you bail him or her he/she is yours. It was really fun and the student school council generate plenty of money with this event because you can also sent your teacher to jail too. What is funny is if there is an schedule quiz somebody has to sent him to jail so you don't have a quiz hahahaha.
Now it is different I have a hubby who is very understanding and loving. I am thinking  of buying a present for him which is an eyeglass. For a while, he wants to change his eyeglass but we never did went to the doctor. Now that I have found Zenni Optical online I do not have any more qualms not to buy for my honey. It is very affordable and durable too. I look for my eyeglasses that I like and I found two or more that is really my favorite. I can say goodbye to old eyeglasses and hello to the new ones.

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imriz@home said...

sweet! i remember my high sch. days also. school fair and stuff:)

(btw, yeah, i do blend plain rice + gata or evap. milk. esp. when i can't go to market para magpagiling esp. if konti lang un rice,lol)

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