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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sun Tea

I know this is not a food but I'd like this to share with you guys and gals since over in the Philippines you have almost 365 sunny days. And by doing this fun, healthy, and just great. Here is my Sun tea:
                                         I bought this for only $2.00 you can use any kind of tea.

                        I looked for a glass that has a lid but not too big and found my cookie jar. I put one tea bag I should put 2 so it would be too dark when it is done. Then I added spearmint (that came from my garden ^_^)

                                   Now I put my glass jar outside, your jar should have a lid on it.

                                      Close it and keep it away from the reach of kids or any pets.

                                                      Now it's turning reddish it's working!!

                                     After 4-5 hours here is what it looks like and it is still hot!

                            I was amazed the spearmint were not wilted but start a little bit on the edge.

                                   Now here is the finish product I put ice to it so it would be cold
                    It quench the thirst. Instead of drinking pop or soda try Sun tea no need to boil water
                              just put it under the sun. And don't forget more tea bags the better the taste.
                                                                    FOOD FRIDAY


Luna Miranda said...

we had our 12th typhoon this week, so forget about the 365 sunny days.:p but even when it's raining, i still drink iced tea. this looks good.

maiylah said...

this is a first for me! great idea!
i love drinking tea (i usually go for Celetial Seasoning's Decaf Mint Green Tea)!
...will see if i can do this one of these days. :)

kimmy said...

hmmm.. that was really cool! love iced tea...

do you mind checking Plain Old Me out?

imriz said...

i like luna's comment, same here...haven't seen the rays of the sun...but still drinking hot tea in the morning (alternately w/my coffee) and nestea in the afternoon snack.
yours looks healthy.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

di pa ako nakakainom ng tea na iyan..

Arlene said...

looks interesting and want a try. not so expensive, but ill check out if we have that in our grocery shelves here. $2 probably that would cost $10 here.^^

thank you for the comment and yes u can add meat to the tomato rice if you like. ^^

the one u saw in my entry was prepared in a vegetarian kitchen. ^^

Rug Cleaning Santa Monica said...

Sweet apple spice sounds like a great flavor for a tea... Yum!

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