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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr Direct

Have you seen on TV Mr. Direct advertisement?  Do you think it is cool? Every time I watch the advertisement on TV I always write there phone number in case I need it one of this days. I think that all women do love to have a good-looking house inside and out and I do not know how men think but some I guess do love to have his house look nice. I came here in MI and hubby has already this house. Before I came here, it was not in good shape so when he visited me in the Philippines, his family came and helps clean and repair walls and ceilings and put cabinets in the kitchen. It did not bother me when I first came I was very excited then.
Time goes by and we do change. Our views in life change.  I realized that I like to change the lay out of our house its ugly.  The kitchen and the back door entry most specially. What I dreaded the most is our kitchen sink I want an Undermount Sink. I find it that at Mr. Direct, they had many kind of Undermount Sinks and it is very affordable. When a product is advertise on TV sometimes, we think that it would be expensive, no, it is not. Today, I open this issue to hubby and thankfully he too find our kitchen ugly and it’s time to do some remodeling. Hope we can do it next year.

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