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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blu is for you

I do not know about the regulation in your city or town but here in my area all public places cigarette smoking is a big no no. Many of those who can not last for an hour or two of not smoking were enraged by this because how could they do that. But as the saying goes in every problem there is always a solution and the solution is by Blu cigarettes. Hubby and I were at his nephews house the other day and I saw his wife smoking. She is been smoking for years and years now but this time there is something different I didn't see a smoke. So  I greet her and in our conversation I found out that it's an electronic cigarette she is holding. I was amazed with what I saw. I never thought that I could see one and never thought that an electronic cigarette is possible. She asked me if I could smell something I told her no. We told her many times to stop smoking but she just can't. But when she knew about this cigarette she was amazed that she does feel the same thing to add it up there is no nicotine added to it. She can pick different flavors at the same she can smoke where ever and don't bother other people. The good news too is that all the Blu cigarette flavors are 100% made in the USA by Johnson Creek smoke juice and knowing that it made you feel better. ^_^

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