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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer means color and fun

It's definitely Summer almost everyday the temperature here in Michigan reaches to 84F beyond that  I somehow can't tolerate it, it's too hot already. For several days too me and friends are out almost everyday. You see here in Michigan by October we already experience coldness in the air and it would last even until May!! One time we had frost in May I can't wait to get out and plant my flowers. So when Summer does hit I don't want to stay home I have to go out and enjoy the fun in Summer time.
The other day we were at the swimming pool and I happened to noticed Adirondack chairs which is very colorful it makes Summer more fun. Then the picnic tables and park benches are so pretty cool too. My weakness is that when I happened to see beautiful things I can't sleep without asking what name brand it is because I do appreciate it. So I knew then that it's Adirondack and I was so right when I saw it the first time. I have heard that name before but I want to make it sure that it's the one ^_^ While we were at the swimming pool, it's a public swimming pool (county park) I noticed also that the site furnishings are new. I commented on it to my friend and she told me that it was not like this last year. Last year she said it seems that it was not well maintained and not too many lifeguards around. And she said that she things the economy makes it difficult for the county to maintained it last year. But this year it was different she said and I can't help but look at the colorful chairs and benches around it's just so beautiful and when colors popped out around you it makes your mood happy and gay. Well that is what happened to us friends at the swimming pool we had so much fun that next week we are going to go back again. Remember Summer is fun fun fun!!


tinyskillet said...

Ha! Beautiful colorful chairs. This photo would be perfect for Color Carnival Meme.

I have family in Michigan and they get very crancky if the temps reach 90. Heaven forbid if it lasts for days. Once when we were visiting and it had been 90 or above for over a week and that's all everyone could talk when they were going to get relief from the heat! Needless to say they don't visit me here in Florida in the summer. Of course everyone here stays inside as much as they can in summer to feel that AC. :D

Shobha said...

loved the colourful chairs.

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