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Friday, July 1, 2011

I missed the strawberry picking

Since today was the last day of our Vacation Bible School I was not able to go with my friends strawberry picking. I wanted to pick many strawberries because I wanted to froze them for Fall and Winter if honey wants to make smoothies. Anyway, after the church activities I went to see Ms. L. to have lunch at her house and oh boy did I see the red and juicy strawberry. When I eat it, it's so juicy and sweet. There is nothing good to get a homegrown fruit. I am thinking to go to the farm tomorrow because it's not that far from our house but will see I might sleep overtime and aside from that 9:00 am is the family brunch of hubby. So well see! Here is the picture of the fresh strawberry.

1 comment:

maiylah said...

looks juicylicious!!!

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