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Friday, July 1, 2011

Estate agent software

One of my cousins who are not living in UK is looking for a house to rent or to buy which comes first. She told me that it's hard to find a house to rent or to buy in the area where she works. She is a nurse and she just had a baby and her husband is working at the airport and somehow the place where they live is a bit far and it's kind of hard for them both t travel all the time and that's why they decided to look for a house or an apartment inside the city. Luckily, they found a very good estate agent. I told them that if it's only here in the US I could recommend my step-DIL or my step-granddaughter but since they are in another country they had to rely and trust on somebody's word. But it did turned out good as what my cousin had told me. Their estate agent was the one who look for what they wish or want for an apartment. The location was very important and at the end both parties are happy. Everything was laid clean, neat and orderly by their estate agent and they were so happy about it because it's their first time to do transactions like this. Their estate agent told them that without the Estate Agent Software   she too could not work that easy and felt very much confident about his work and by how he communicate truly with them. He continued to say that this software is a blessing for this kind of work and it is now that this software that came out and he was happy for it. Well, as the saying goes if all are happy then business is okey!! And that should be the case to make both the clients and an agent do, right? 

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