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Friday, July 29, 2011

Adobong squid

In the Philippines particularly in my home province we call this small squid "lumayagan". Every morning we heard the fish vendor started to shout "lumayagan" or  "fish"!! My mom or my dad get up from the bed and peak out the window and called the fish vendor. It's always like specially on weekends or some in week days. This is one of my favorite seafood. Some people don't like the black ink but we do love it. When I found this squid at the Asian store I was so excited. The other day I was craving for it and when I looked at the freezer I had one box never open yet. So I took just enough for me and cooked it immediately.

Lumayagan adobo or Squid adobo
10 pieces small squid
ginger sliced
garlic minced
onion chopped
pepper and salt for seasoning

I prepare the wok and put the oil. When it's hot I put the onion. When it's translucent I put the garlic and stir. When they are but translucent I put the squid and mixed it well. I put the onion and the ginger seasoned it and  cover for awhile. Because it is covered their will be water. Uncover for several minutes until the water evaporates and the black ink will come out as well as the oil is going to become sticky with the black ink. If there is not enough oil you can put a little bit. Don't cook it long it will become rubbery or tough. Remember the heat is on medium heat all the time. Serve hot!
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Shobha said...

Looks yummy even with a few ingredients added for flavour.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

i like this spicy

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

masarap iyan na pulutan..

Guia Obsum said...

Adobong pusit is also one of my favorite ways of cooking squid. Well, I actually don't do the cooking, just the eating. :)

faye said...

lami gyud kaau ang lumayagan, kim. naa man na daghan dire sa market.every wednesday and saturday ang among open market. pero wa nako mopalit kay baho gyud kaau kon magluto naka anà. mo-stay gyud ang baho sa balay. motapot sa imong sinina ang baho.
so ni-pass sa ako sa lumayagan.

Unknown said...

i love squid ink, too. i think it's what makes the squid tasty. i add laurel leaf and vinegar in adobong pusit.

maiylah said...

sarap nyan!
we love the ink...and sometimes after we transfer the squid to the serving plate we add rice to the the 'leftover' sauce from the pan and make an instant 'black rice'! lol

happy weekend, Ms. Kim! :)

peachkins said...

this is my favorite ulam of all!!!

cheerful said...

we love this...yours looks great! reminds me that i need to cook for it this week. visiting from FF. have a great weekend. :)

kimmy said...

wow! i love SQUID! but i like the grilled and fried more than adobo, lol!

maan said...

yummy! it's been ages since i last ate adobong pusit. wish i could try cooking it here.

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