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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We had two huge cantaloupe hubby bought the other day. And I do really wonder why he always like to buy more than what we eat. As the cantaloupe almost to go over ripe I made a cantaloupe refreshing juice.

What I did I scrape the cantaloupe with a scraper. If you don't have one you can use the fork. Then put an evaporated milk, sugar to taste a bit sweet, then a lot of eyes. Hubby loves it and so do I! Now this is the funny thing that happened to me today. I went to this food site which I am not going to divulge the name here, and twice I enter my post there, because I thought my Cantaloupe is something that you drink and eat at the same time and I guess Cantaloupe is a food too, right? But as I said I see it being deleted because after the first post and my photo came out on her food blog I clicked the refresh and I am sure it was there then it was  gone. So I thought it's only a computer glitched on her side so I thought of posting my post again and I saw it's gone again lol!! I did leave a comment and oh well she may delete it too lol!! 

1 comment:

Umma said...

whoot I missed the cantaloupe manang Kim.. it's been a long time I tried this one. Thanks for the post, you made me crave for this and go to market :P

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