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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to clean your grill

One of my favorite channel on tv is Qvc..shhh don't tell that to my hubby, lol!! Last night, before I sleep I flip the number and voila I saw David Venable. And he is talking about  Essential Grilling Tips From Qvc’s David .
It's my first time to see David Venable on Qvc and so my eyes glued into the show and of course, the curiosity on what tips could he give about grilling. As I was watching intently it's not hard to clean up our grills. 
And because of last night show I was inspired to clean up our grill. I asked hubby about it for weeks not but seems like he ain't do it. So I did clean up our grill following David's advice. You see it's the time of the year that grills are out in our patio for barbeque's. And this past few years every time we used our grill even with my family I noticed that they also put  foil so the meat or sausages don't have any contact to the iron. For me grill should be in contact with the fire because it's where the taste comes out. But I can't blame them because the grill is dirty. I myself when I opened the grill cover I was about to think I would buy a new one!! hehe! But because of David's show last night I was not intimidated by the dirt ^_^ Good thing we have a new steel brush so I used it and I followed David's advice to a "T". Now I am happy that the grill is cleaned and I told hubby about it and he said we gonna buy corn, veggies, sausage and meat we gonna have barbeque tonight! For now I could say we are ready for Summer!! ^_^

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good sense in daily life said...

Thanks for sharing the grill info -I was just wondering about how to maintain it the other day! I want the grill he has!!!

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