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Friday, February 11, 2011

They call it calamaris

I really don't know what other people name this food but here at the restaurant that hubby and I eat they call it calamari. It's a passable name but Calamari for me is a squid that is being fried and no sauce of course. I do cooked like this too but I call it squid with sauce. Anyhow, however or whatever we call it, this food is delish. Though I can't eat it all in one setting but just by looking at it makes me drool and hungry already. A friend order this when we had this dinner for our birthday friend.

While me here is what I basically took from the buffet. But hey this is not my plates I am already done eating when two of my friends came late and we have a good time taking pictures of what food they get. Crab legs is really good, then the steamed fish is my favorite too. The tempura I kind of not liking it anymore because of the thick batter that they put. The shrimp and the crabs is a awesome too. Been thinking to visit this Japanese buffet again this coming Valentines day. Now I am drooling lol!

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