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Friday, February 11, 2011

Need a new kitchen gadget

It's the month of February and as what I've known this is the time when all the new gadgets from kitchen to cellphone to tv's even cars are coming out. For now I am interested to new kitchen gadgets that of course affordable and also easy to use. So I window shop, well not in the mall but here in the internet, lol! I found this site that everything you need is here. First thing that I look is the mini-fridge. Well my husband might think where am I going to put this but hello, I am going to put this in our mobile home and replace the old rustic one! For so many years I've been planning to do it now is the right time, lol. Second that I look is the pantry cabinet. My heart flip flop when I see that the selection on their cabinet are fantastic! Our mobile home and our house doesn't have a good pantry cabinet. All the stuff specially the cans and bottled food I put them in the cabinet in the kitchen. That makes it no space for some of my kitchen gadgets. 
And most of all that I so wanted to have and to buy soon is the wine glass rack because our wine doesn't have any space in the kitchen. I just have to place them in the counter top, I don't have to worry of nothing because we don't have kids or teens around in the house. But I so long to have a glass rack. Then the last one that I wanted to have is the bread slicer. One time I laughed because hubby had a hard time slicing the bread because our bread knife is not sharp. And what happened to his bread, it looks like a doughnut lol! So every time he cuts bread he asked me if we have a slicer already. Well not yet but soon we would have it for I am so destined to shop for this beautiful stuff.

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