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Monday, February 21, 2011

Instant Thaw

 I was roaming around SA looking for a good deal when this woman that I have talked at the other isle called me and told me if I already checked this kitchen gadget. I told her I haven't seen it and she told me that she had this thawing gadget for quite a while and she can't leave with out it anymore. She looked at the price tag and since it's yellow it was half off price I would only pay like $2.50 for th is one. So I took it and bring it home and find it works well. Now when I am thawing something I have to place this plate at the bottom of any thing to thaw it fast. And I am so glad not using the microwave for defrosting anymore, as well know so much used of microwave is not good for our health. I am thankful of that lady that she called me and really pushed me to buy it hehehe. Glad I did!


Umma said...

Hello Manang Kim. thanks for the info about the instant thaw. Now I know how to defrost the food instead sa microwave. Asa man nimo gi-palit?

Bag-o ra ka visit balik si lola here :). How are you manang Kim?

BTW, this is my new blog. Hope to see you back.

Kim, USA said...

I bought this thawing gadget in a thrift store. Pero no worries if makakita ako nang twin sister nitong akin I will buy it for you. ^_^

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