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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Signs, signs

I was happy when on the way to Florida few years ago hubby decided to dropped by at the birthplace of KFC.
I don't know why we don't have Cheesecake Factory here in Michigan. This was taken in Georgia. Hubby and I decided to visit this place and I was  surprised inside is packed with people. For a cheesecake? Oh yes!

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Photo Cache said...

we have cheesecake factory here, but haven't tried yet.

there are many establishments in middle america that are not known or available here in the west coast too.

Lesley said...

There's a real Cheesecake Factory?
I can believe people would line up to get in.

Joy said...

Should that be the death place of Kentucky chicken.
Cheesecake Factory, interesting name, who can resist a cake.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

So that is where KFC started. That is interesting. People line up at our Cheese Cake Factory restaurant also.

genie said...

I think you were great to stop to take a photo of the KFG “historical” sign....and I did not know there was a company such as The cheesecake Factory. I learned something from your post this week.

Dinah said...

i would be first in line at the cheesecake factory ;-)


xinex said...

I love Cheesecake Factory. They have great food and of course their cheesecakes are yummy. We don't have one where we live either but I go to Florida often enough...Christine

Umma said...

Hello manang Kim.. thanks for the visit on my new blog.

Anyway, we're lucky here in California. nagbara ang cheesecake our place, you need to queue in line just to get a table particularly weekends.

Btw, manang Kim.. cge if ever you'll find one sa magic thaw mo, pls let me know. I will pay u + shipping. You're sweet.

Andy said...

My wife and stopped once at the KFC birth place. Interesting place to visit on your way to Florida.

Unknown said...

our is Cheesecake, etc.:p
nice shots.

marina said...

I was not aware the birth place of KFC prompted them to make an historical sign.
I love the Cheesecake Factory!

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