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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cherry Filled with White Chocolate

Last Christmas party I  made cherries, strawberries and pretzels coated with white and dark chocolate. I also did make strawberry with dark chocolate but I found out the next day the strawberries tend to get wet after awhile.
For the white chocolate I used the dark/white chocoate I bought in Wal-Mart I do like it than the chips chocolate. I melted the chocolate in a double boiler I thought if the chocolate that I  melt will get hard if it is not in the heat but I was wrong it stayed quite a while after I melted it. I thought I could not make this because I am not a baking person I like to cook but then after I pass the phase of melting the chocolate in a double boiler I am so ready to make it. My wish this year 2014 is that I would try to do more baking. Baking intimadates me I just don't like it but I would try it this year.

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