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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Food Question

     I love to cook I even had a dream that I become a very good chef. I always watch food channel and sometimes I imitate what they cook I list the ingredients and the procedure. A friend asks me who teach me how to cook I am very proud to say it is my father who teach me how to cook. Since then I am always assign in the kitchen and do the marketing. My brother or sister does not like to come with me in going to the market because it take me for a while to buy vegetables because I have to check every leaf if they are all in good condition. I check the fish if it is fresh and so the meat I am very particular that my mother told me just do not do it often.
     Now that I am married, I love to surprise my husband. I cook a dish that he had not eaten and fortunately, he loves them all. The good part in this generation, I can just ask anything online. Food Questions I have so many of them that it takes me a while to realize that cooking a dish or baking is not just simple. If I like to make it good, I have to learn from a good chef. What is funny in cooking we can enhance and do some tweaking to a certain dish. Remember every person love food to know the answer of any questions about food would be a great.


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was here

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I love to cook too and grocery coupons> I think cooking is the art. If we wanna be a good chef, we always learn and pratice cooking tips frequently with our passion and love.

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